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Platy Preserve Wine Preservation System

ITEM# 07071

Extends life of wine

This item is discontinued.

Platy Preserve Wine Preservation System Description

Whether you are looking for a safe solution to traveling with a bottle of wine or just looking to preserve the taste of an opened bottle, the Platy Preserve Wine Preservation System is the perfect solution. The PlatyPreserve protects the taste of an opened bottle of wine by completely eliminating the presence of oxygen. While alternative methods might have you pump air out of the bottle or inject gas into the bottle - PlatyPreserve has you transfer your unfinished wine into an air tight reservoir to truly protect the taste of your wine, allowing you to enjoy the same great taste days or even weeks later.

This collapsible container also provides an easy, light-weight alternative to pack and enjoy wine wherever you go. Select materials ensure superior leak protection and provide zero taste transfer to your wine.

How PlatyPreserve Works.
1.  Pour wine into PlatyPreserve
2.  Place cap loosely on PlatyPreserve
3.  Remove all air by squeezing PlatyPreserve
4.  Tighten cap to seal out air in PlatyPreserve

Since PlatyPreserve is a flexible container, the air can be removed from the wine by simply squeezing the container to expel ALL of the air. This cannot be done with a rigid glass container.

How to Clean a PlatyPreserve.
1.  Rinse PlatyPreserve thoroughly with warm water (no soap)
2.  Turn PlatyPreserve upside down to dry
3.  Repeat after each use

Wine Storage Tips.
The three environmental factors that damage wine are: oxygen, temperature, and ultraviolet light. The PlatyPreserve solves the first factor by isolating your wine from oxygen. You can deal with the other two factors by storing the PlatyPreserve in a cool dark place. Ideally the storage temperature should be held constant at 50 to 52 degrees F. Higher temperatures and bright sun or fluorescent lights can damage wine no matter what container the wine is stored.

Size: 27oz
Dimensions: 5.5x10.5”
Weight: 8 oz
Item #07110

Model: 07071
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Platy Preserve Wine Preservation System Specifications

    Size6 x 10.5
    weight.8 oz
    Warranty1 Year
    Item #070710
    RFID blockingN/A
    Color (s)Orange

Model: 07071
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