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Avoiding Overweight Baggage Fees

scaleDo you make a habit of weighing your luggage each time you fly? If you don’t, you should. Airlines today are charging outrageous amounts in overweight baggage fees, especially on their overseas flights.

A study performed in September of 2011, by USA Today confirms that travelers are paying high prices in fees for overweight luggage when traveling abroad. For an overweight bag weighing 71-100 pounds, Continental Airlines is charging $400 on most international flights, American Airlines, for its flights to Asia, is charging $450, and United Airlines is charging $400 for flights to another continent.

travelon scaleThe Transportation Department, in response to complaints from travelers, imposed a new rule in August 2011, requiring airlines to disclose all fees for optional services with a prominent link on their websites. Baggage fee increases must also be disclosed directly on the home page or through a link from the home page.

Airlines claim that these excessive fees actually help to keep their airfares down by covering costs and allow their customers to select from the services they want. The spokesman for American Airlines, for example, says that it’s fees for overweight bags to Asia were established to help cover fuel costs as well as to discourage passengers from taking such heavy bags.

travelon scale openInstead of taking the risk of being subjected to the high costs of overweight baggage fees, especially for overseas flights, consider purchasing a small, lightweight luggage scale. The luggage scales at TamperSeal.com can be easily carried with you wherever you go, enabling you to weigh your bag before you return from your destination to ensure any souvenirs picked up during your trip haven’t pushed your bag beyond the weight restrictions.

Rid yourself of any concerns over being stuck with overweight baggage fees and instead focus on the purpose of the flight in the first place...your upcoming trip!

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