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Ladybug Travel Neck Pillow

by:  LewisNClark

ITEM# 583

Vibrant and fun for naptime



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Ladybug Travel Neck Pillow Description

The Ladybug Travel Neck Pillow will brighten your child's day each time you travel. This cozy, little ladybug neck pillow not only adds support, but is comfortable, lovable, and doubles as a stuffed animal. Contoured pillow cradles your child's head and neck with soft support and can be used for any number of occasions, from a plane to the home.

Ladybug Neck Pillow Features:

  • A bright, colorful Ladybug Neck Pillow
  • Support for your child's neck
  • Kids enjoy soft, cuddly, stuffed animals
  • Item: 583
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Model: 583
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Ladybug Travel Neck Pillow Specifications

    weight0.8 oz
    Material100% polyester
    Warranty1 year
    Item #583
    RFID blockingNo
    Color (s)Red and Black

Model: 583
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