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Choosing Children's Luggage

disney rolling duffelWhether they are taking a weekend trip to the grandparents or an extended trip with the family abroad, kids require luggage. While babies and toddlers can share space in a parent’s bag, young children do not luggage of their own with space for their belongings. Allowing them to take along their own luggage also ensures they have their toys easier accessible to entertain them while traveling. There are, however certain qualities that you should look for:

Durability. While purchasing durable, higher quality luggage for your child may be more expensive, in the long run you can save yourself a significant amount of money, since the luggage will remain in good shape for a longer period of time. Take time to examine both hard- and soft-sided luggage and evaluate what your child will generally need in a bag. A duffel bag is typically soft-sided and relatively durable, able to expand to hold more than their hard-sided counterpart but will be less resilient when protecting its contents. Hard-sided luggage is more durable but is typically also heavier than the soft-sided bags and, depending on the size of your child, may be more challenging to carry. There are, however, some hard-sided options available for kids that are relatively light, such as the Disney luggage by Heys.

disney luggageManeuverability. Ideally, you will want to purchase a rolling bag for your child, whether you select soft- or hard-sided upright luggage or a rolling duffel. Wheels and a handle will allow your child to easily manage the bag when navigating airport terminals and prevent him or her from becoming easily fatigued. On top of all that, your child will feel like one of the “big kids” with his or her own rolling bag. Fortunately, most bags today have wheels, especially children’s luggage, although the wheel type varies between brand and style. Check the bag’s description and reviews to establish whether or not it will be easy for your child child to maneuver.

Child’s preference. If you are purchasing the bag as a gift, try to gage what type of luggage your child likes the next time you are out shopping. This will help you pick out the correct choice when you are shopping on your own later. If possible, have your child select a few styles and designs he prefers to save you time and worry over your selection. Not only do you want something functional, you will also want a bag that your child will have fun carrying and will be excited to own.

childrens neck pillowTamperSeal has options available in both hard- and soft-sided luggage in its Disney by Heys collection. Whether you are looking for a lightweight backpack, rolling duffel bag, or a more durable, hard-sided upright, each piece of luggage will bring the magic of Disney to life for your child. TamperSeal also offers a number of other products for children during travel, including fun children's travel neck pillows that will combine fun and functionality.

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