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How to Make a Hotel Room Feel Like Home

travel shelvesAs a road warrior, you may feel like you spend far more time out on the road and living out of hotel rooms than you spend actually enjoying the comfort of your home.  All of that travel can cause you to feel uprooted from your life outside of work. Being at home so rarely, you may miss the feeling of belonging and comfort that your home provides. While you may find that you are in your hotel room only a short time, there are steps you can take to make your home away from home more comfortable.

Unpack a bit. While we are not suggesting that you spread all your things throughout the room, especially if you are only there to sleep for a few short hours before moving on, having just a few things around you can provide a great deal of comfort. Set your toiletries out on the counter, hang up your coat and place your laptop on your desk. Place a picture of loved ones on the nightstand next to your bed. If you are going to be there for a longer stay, like several days, hang up your clothes. We suggest using portable travel shelves or packing cubes to make packing and unpacking go more quickly. Going to your closet for clothing instead of rummaging through your suitcase will help you to feel much more at home.

Stick to your normal routine. Maintaining your normal routine will not only help you feel more at home, it will also help you to sleep more easily. Do you read before going to sleep? Do you enjoy a cup of tea? Whatever your bedtime routine is, try to maintain it when on the road.

shoe organizerListen to your favorite music. Bring along your favorite music or listen to radio stations from home online. This will help to keep you in your normal routine and keep you connected to home.

Stay connected to loved ones. Just because you’re away doesn’t mean you can’t stay in touch with family and friends back home. Get on a regular calling schedule to stay connected. You may also want to consider downloading Skype on your computer, which enables you to have video calls and actually see your family and friends.

Choose a nice hotel. Yes, you want to be economical, but if you travel a great deal, it’s important to stay somewhere that is comfortable and welcoming. Choose somewhere you feel confident will have a comfortable bed and that is also aesthetically pleasing. It will help you to feel more comfortable, a little bit pampered, and much more at home.

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