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Do More, Worry Less When Your Gear is Secure with Pacsafe

Our poolside experience at the Magic Kingdom wasn't magical! A bag with our valuables- keys, wallet, watch- was there one minute and stolen the next. Soon after, I was introduced to Pacsafe, the market leader in anti-theft bags and travel security products.

Pacsafe Adventure DaypackPacsafe products feature eXomesh® Slashguard panels. These slashproof panels offer protection from would-be thieves’ knives and blades. Thieves often succeed by using a method of slashing open the lower section of a bag. This allows valuables to drop out of the bag without the victim even knowing the theft happened. With a PacSafe VentureSafe 25L Adventure Daypack this would be impeded. Pacsafe eXomesh panels are discretely hidden between two layers of fabric and are placed in vulnerable areas of the bag. eXomesh technology uses lightweight, flexible, high tensile stainless steel cable and crimps to create a slash-proof protective layer.

Pacsafe Camera BagDistracted in a crowded tourist area? A seasoned thief can cut through a conventional bag strap in a split second and run. With a PacSafe CamSafe Camera Shoulder Bag or CitySafe 100 Travel Handbag you have a strong line of defense. Pacsafe straps are embedded with snatch-proof, flexible, high tensile stainless steel wire to thwart cut-and-run theft.

With a Pacsafe bag poolside, I also could have attached the bag strap to the table umbrella stand. Pacsafe’s anchor clips, locks and cables allow you to loop and anchor your bag to any secure fixture such as the arm of your restaurant chair, bus seat or poolside lounger. The PacSafe TourSafe Wallet, for example, has a slashproof chain that can even be anchored inside any of the other Pacsafe bags. These specially designed snatchproof metal clips are used on all Pacsafe belts, straps, cables and chains. They can be unfastened at one end allowing you the flexibility to loop and anchor your bag to any secure fixture. This snatchproof locking system safeguards your belongings when you're not always able to keep a close eye on your valuables.

For extra security, Pacsafe's tamperproof zippers and compartments include zippers that lock closed or latch to a spring loaded metal clip. Pacsafe bags also feature flap-covered compartments with hidden safety hooks for extra security. The PacSafe StashSafe 100 Secure Hip Pack features a lockable belt, lockable zippers and a concealed belt buckle. Crowded markets and subways are prime pickpocket locations for prying hands. Tamperproof zippers and pockets thwart pickpockets to further secure your belongings.

Pacsafe Secure Bag ProtectorAlready have a favorite bag you like to travel with? Pacsafe makes a secure bag protector in 4 different sizes. The bag protector uses the same eXomesh® technology and is made of adjustable, high tensile stainless steel with a locking device. The bag protector is designed to cover and protect a variety of baggage from theft and tampering. Place the protector around your bag, anchor your bag to a secure fixture and carry on without the worries of theft.

Before your next journey, think about the safety of your valuables. Safeguard them and your travel memories to more pleasant reflections than theft. Thinking of ways to safeguard your valuables on your next trip? Think Pacsafe.

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