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How Does The Luggage Security Seal Work?

Luggage Security Seals

  • Luggage Seals indicate tampering. Claim your luggage and immediately know if it has been opened in the handling process.
  • Tampered (opened) Luggage Seals alert you to inspect contents and file claims within time limits.
  • Accepted by airport security.
  • Each Luggage Seal has a unique 7-digit serial number so it cannot be removed and replaced.
  • Each Luggage Seal has pull release tab and requires no tools for removal.
  • Helps identify luggage at baggage claim

Instructions for Use

  1. Insert the tamper evident seal in lock hole or through zipper.
    TSA Luggage Locks Travel Sentry lock
  2. Pull end through through self locking hole. Remember to write down serial number before checking luggage.
    TSA Luggage Locks Travel Sentry lock
  3. After claiming Luggage, pull self release tab above end of serial number to release. Dispose of properly.
    TSA Luggage Locks Travel Sentry lock

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Airport Security Compliant Luggage Security Seals

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