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TamperSeal Releases New Website & Branding

TamperSeal is proud to release its new website. The new site is designed to provide a modern, clean, easy to navigate customer interface, as well as featuring greatly enhanced backend framework and supporting structure.


The new website will give customers a much easier path to finding the travel security products they need. In addition, the shopping experience is now much more secure with updates to the core site. 


TamperSeal's Rebranding


Overall, the TamperSeal brand is getting a facelift as well. The new logo design features a lock outline, symbolizing the mission of TamperSeal: helping travelers travel securely.


The color scheme gets a refresh as well. The primary blue of TamperSeal's previous branding has been carried over, as it represents the calm that travelers feel when they know their travel items and persons are secure. A strong orange has been added as the secondary color, standing for the enthusiasm and excitement of adventure that travel brings.


Why Now?


TamperSeal's outdated website caused customers to be hesitant to trust the security and legitimacy of the brand. As a security focused brand, this was a major issue that needed to be resolved.


We are extremely excited to release this new website and shopping experience in order to best serve security-minded travelers across the United States.


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