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Tips for Traveling Light

For business travelers, carry-on luggage has been the norm for a long time. The inconvenience of waiting in line at baggage claim and the risk of losing luggage during travel are both strong deterrents against checking bags. With the high costs of checking bags today, leisure travelers are joining ranks with the business travelers and electing to carry bags on board as well. However, for those who are electing to travel light, it’s important to follow a few simple guidelines to help make packing, and inevitably  traveling, just a little easier.delsey luggage

Establish a neutral color. Whether you choose black, brown or even grey, it is best to select a neutral color that you can build your wardrobe around. This is especially important for selecting the right shoes.

Choose complimentary items. Make sure everything you pack can be coordinated. In other words, your shirts and bottoms should all match and your shoes should match all of your bottoms. If there is something you can’t mix-and-match, remove it from your bag.

Pack layers. Dressing in layers will give you the option of adding or shedding layers as needed. You should have base layers, mid-weight pull -over’s, and something to protect you from the wind and/or rain.

Make sure items are multifunctional. Avoid packing clothing that is specific to one activity, the single exception being a bathing suit.skyway

Don’t pack anything valuable. Avoid packing anything that you wouldn’t want to risk losing, such as expensive, designer clothing, antique jewelry, or even your wedding ring. Wearing your nicest items will draw attention to yourself and put you at an increased risk for theft or pick pocketing.

Choose the right bag. If you bring a bag that is too large, you will find yourself filling the space and taking too much, even if you don’t need that much. The most important things to consider are:thule

  • Quality: Luggage does take a beating and if you don’t choose a quality piece of luggage, you may feel like purchased disposable luggage.
  • Transportability: You will want your luggage to have wheels so that you can get quickly and easily through the airport.
  • Airline carry-on limits: Check the carry-on size restrictions for your airline or you will be forced to check your bag at the gate.

TamperSeal Travel Essentials offers options for those in the market for a new carry-on. TamperSeal offers the best in Delsey, both as hard- and soft-sided luggage, Skyway, and Thule, high-quality luggage for active travelers. For more travel tips or to learn more about our carry-on luggage selection visit us at TamperSeal.com.

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