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TSA Locks Provide Security and Freedom

Invest in a TSA lock, and you’re investing in the safety of your valuables.  Due to increased baggage screening, the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) recommends your luggage remain unlocked for security search access.  As a result, some travelers forfeit their luggage security while others opt for a TSA lock.

A TSA approved lock requires special keys used by TSA.  This permits you to lock your luggage without worry of the lock or luggage being damaged by TSA personnel upon opening. Opening the lock does not alter your combination or password. In addition, a TSA SearchAlert Luggage lock also lets you know if your luggage was inspected.A green indicator means your lock has not been opened.  A red indicator means that it has been opened.

When travelling inside the US and UK, TSA security agents  have secured keys needed to open TSA locks.. TSA locks will also help safeguard your luggage when stored at hotels, buses, etc. 

Assess your luggage lock needs.  The standard TSA SearchAlert Luggage locks fit most standard luggage zippers and lock holes.  A SearchAlert TSA Case Lock or an Extended Hasp Case Lock  is appropriate for travelling with AV cases, trade show exhibit cases, hard side golf cases, Pelican cases or gun cases.  For a case needing a ¼” shackle, these case locks are the only TSA approved locks designed specifically for this purpose.

If the standard hasp designs do not offer sufficient clearance for your luggage or cases, a cable lock may be needed.  The TSA cable lock  fits virtually all zippered luggage.  The flexible, rubber coated cable is easy to grip and thread.  The Triple Security TSA Cable  has a unique double cable design to reduce zipper break-ins.  The  long cable may be attached to the luggage handle and short cable  zipper pulls, or you can even secure your luggage to a fixed object.

TSA SearchAlert locks are made of rugged metal alloy material.  Other "bargain TSA locks" have plastic cases and do not feature the patented indicator.  Please check out this video for help setting and resetting locks. Enjoy the security and freedom from worry offered by the highest quality TSA locks and the best guarantee in the business. 

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